How to Customize Side Gusset Pouch?


The side gusset pouch contains four sealing sides, just like two pieces of film are sealed together to seal the four sides, which is the source of the side gusset bag, it also call quad seal packaging.

Side gusset pouch

What are the applications of side gusset packaging?

Side gusset packaging are widely used in coffee packaging, snack food packaging, powder food packaging, food production enterprise packaging, etc.


The side gusset bag are more use for coffee, the side gusset coffee bag is not only allow you to cost-effectively package and display your product on grocery store shelves, but they keep the coffee beans within fresh so your customers are only tasting the best.

Pet food

The side gusset packaging used for pet food is packed with 5-10kgs dry pet food. The quad seal bags are four-corner bags that have two premade side gussets. These gussets provide reinforcement so your pet food will stand tall and proud on the shelves, even if it’s had a rough trip from the packaging warehouse to the grocery store.

Snacks and nuts 

The side gusset bag has excellent shelf appeal for snack food, it can provide a premium look, has convenient zippers so your customers can seal the bag, and maintains its sturdiness from packaging to display.

How to custom main material of side gusset packaging?

1.Composite bags such as OPP, CPP, PET, nylon, and aluminum plating;

2. OPP, CPE, PP, PE, PP and other blank or multi-color elevator bags and self-adhesive bags;

3. Express bags of various sizes such as PE, PP, PO, OPP, CPP, flat pocket organ bags;

4. A series of designs and manufacture of PVC handle bags, zipper bags, environmental protection bags, etc.

What are the features of side gusset packaging?

1. The appearance of the product has a good three-dimensional effect, and the product is three-dimensional after packaging. It can be used for food preservation, and it can be recycled many times to use more packaging bag space.

2. Unique and unique sealing bag design, capable, brand new burst, brand new, brand new, highlighting craftsmanship, highlighting patterns, design effects, can, can be trademarks, cocoa can design special trademarks

3. It can better highlight the high-grade and distinctive shelf effect of the product.

4. Rich styles, resistant to cooking, moisture-proof, good vacuum air effect, low oxygen permeability, high sealing performance and good heat sealing performance.

5. Strong resistance to puncture and irritation, preventing external rays, especially anti-static, etc., can effectively protect the product from being damaged by the influence of the external environment, and extend the warranty period.

How to custom options of side gusset packaging?

Degassing valve

A degassing valve is especially important if you’re selling whole bean coffee, as it allows the gasses that will accumulate in your bag to release. Degassing valves are also a way for your potential customers to smell the delicious coffee that’s inside.

Tin Tie

Normally, the top will leave open after we make the pouches. For reuse, and to keep a good condition, we could add tin tie on the pouch.

Premium features

If you want to up the ante and impress your customers, why not add high-gloss features, films, soft touch features, or embellishments to the bag? From super subtle pops of color to a high-gloss look that spans the entire packaging bag, we can do it all! We can even add a window so your customers can view inside.

If you want to do amazing design on the side gusset packaging, reach out to our team and we’ll do everything we possibly can to make your dream a reality.

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