What does green packaging mean?


Green packaging refers to packaging that is harmless to the ecological environment and human health, can be recycled and recycled, and promote sustainable development.

What are the green packaging materials?

Green packaging materials include:

1, paper products materials (paper, cardboard, molded pulp materials).

2, degradable materials (photodegradation, biodegradation, oxygen degradation, light/oxygen degradation, water degradation) and biosynthetic materials, grass, wheat stalk filling, shell filling, natural fiber filling materials.

3. Edible materials. The third is quasi-green packaging materials - materials that can be recycled and incinerated, do not pollute the atmosphere and may be recycled. It includes some linear polymers, mesh polymer materials, some composite materials (plastic metal), (plastic plastic), (plastic paper) and so on.

Green packaging materials are the packaging materials that we produce, manufacture, use and recycle, which are harmless to human health, have a good protective effect on the ecological environment and are recycled and reused. To widely adopt green packaging and develop green packaging, it is necessary for people to correctly choose packaging materials. Examples include polypropylene, corrugated paper, edible rice paper, corn paper, edible recycled plastic paper, and our daily paper packaging and paper bags, cups, and lunch boxes. In short, can dissolve or polymerize a variety of ecological protection of degradable plastic products packaging and raw materials.

Degradable packaging of plastic products that use photosensitizers to degrade polymerized, biodegradable or chemically degradable various plastic products and other packaging items.

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