How can tea bags be moisture-proof?


Tea is a kind of commodity that is easy to absorb moisture, and if it is exposed to a humid environment for a long time, it will affect the taste and quality of tea. Therefore, the moisture-proof function of tea bags is very important. The following are some ways to help tea bags do moisture-proof:

1. Choose the appropriate packaging materials: The materials of tea bags should choose materials with good moisture resistance, such as aluminum foil bags, polyester film bags, etc. These materials have good moisture-proof properties, which can effectively isolate the outside moisture and keep the tea dry.

2. Good sealing performance: the sealing performance of the tea bag is also very important, and only the bag is well sealed can effectively prevent the intrusion of external moisture. Therefore, when choosing tea bags, we should pay attention to the sealing performance of the bags to ensure that the bags can be completely closed.

3. Add dehumidifier: Add a certain amount of dehumidifier to the tea bag, which can help absorb the moisture in the bag and keep the tea dry. Dehumidifier generally has diatomaceous earth dehumidifier, activated carbon dehumidifier, etc., can choose the appropriate dehumidifier according to the size of the tea bag and the degree of humidity.

4. Reasonable packaging bag design: The design of tea packaging bags also has a great impact on the moisture-proof function. A three-dimensional packaging bag design should be used to avoid corners that are difficult to seal, and a deoxygenated moisture-proof air bag should be set up inside the packaging bag to help avoid gas exchange inside and outside the bag.

5. Proper storage environment: Regardless of whether the bag has moisture-proof function, the storage environment of tea is also crucial. Tea should be stored in a cool and dry place, away from direct sunlight and humidity. If conditions exist, you can put the tea in a sealed tea can to increase the preservation effect.

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