How to avoid leakage of plastic self-supporting bag?


   Plastic self-supporting bags, also known as vertical bags or self-supporting bags, are a popular flexible packaging choice, widely used in food, beverage, daily chemical and other industries. Their design allows the packaging to stand on its own without any support, which is not only good for product display, but also increases its appeal on retail shelves. While standing bags offer several advantages, such as high space efficiency, user friendliness and good protection, leakage remains a challenge, especially in liquid product packaging.

    The main advantages of plastic stand up bags include their excellent space efficiency, they can be compressed for storage and transport, and stand up on their own after deployment, greatly saving logistics costs. Self-standing bags are usually made of multi-layer composite materials that provide excellent moisture, oxidation and mechanical strength, ensuring the safety and freshness of the product during transportation and storage. In addition, this form of packaging also allows for personalized design, including the option to re-close, making it easier for consumers to use.

    However, leakage problems can be caused by a variety of reasons, including poor material selection, sealing technical problems, design flaws, physical damage, and poor storage and transportation conditions. To avoid these problems, packaging designers and producers need to start with material selection and packaging design. The preferred composite should be selected not only for its mechanical strength and barrier properties, but also for specific liquid characteristics such as corrosiveness or viscosity.
    In terms of sealing technology, it is crucial to accurately control the temperature, pressure and duration of the sealing machine. Incorrect sealing parameters may result in a weak seal, resulting in leakage. In addition, the design of the packaging should take into account the various pressures and shocks that may be encountered in actual use, and the shape and size of the self-supporting bag should be able to evenly disperse these pressures to avoid excessive stress concentration in specific parts.

     Quality control is also a key link to ensure the performance of self-standing bags. Every step of the production process should be strictly inspected, including material quality, bagging process and sealing integrity. Stress testing and durability testing before the product is finally packaged can further ensure the reliability of the packaging.

    Finally, correct storage and transportation conditions are equally important. Self-standing bags should be kept in a dry, light-free environment, and avoid excessive stacking or heavy weight, which can cause packaging damage and leakage.

    In short, through comprehensive consideration of material selection, design optimization, precise manufacturing process and strict quality control, the leakage problem of plastic self-standing bags can be effectively reduced, thereby improving the market competitiveness of products and consumer satisfaction.

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