Kexin Packaging teaches you how to correctly select and use qualified food grade packaging bags


For the public, in order to correctly select and use qualified food grade packaging bags, the following points should be noted:
     1, food packaging bags should be marked in Chinese, including the factory name, production site, product name, and marked in the obvious "food" words. Once the product leaves the factory, the product inspection certificate is attached. It can be said that this is the most intuitive way to confirm whether the food packaging bag is qualified.

     2, food packaging bags made of factory should be odorless and tasteless, if there is a special smell, cut can not be used for food packaging.

     3, packaging materials as far as possible to avoid coating. If you use a lot of coating materials just to keep the packaging beautiful, it is completely unnecessary. This is not only because the coating increases the difficulty of recycling and reuse of packaging bag materials, but also because most of the coating materials are toxic. At the same time, the coating process will cause some pollution to the environment, which is not in line with the concept of sustainable development strategy.

     4, according to the concept of sustainable development strategy, green packaging materials can be selected when choosing food packaging, such as biodegradable plastics.

     5, colored packaging bags should not be used in food packaging.
According to the above mentioned, although we have a general understanding of how to correctly select and use qualified food packaging bags, do we want to further identify the non-toxic food packaging bags at hand? That's okay, there are a few easy ways to try:

     Immersion method: the plastic bag is immersed in water, if non-toxic, the bag can surface; Otherwise, the bag will not float.

     Touch method: Touch the plastic bag directly with your hand, if the bag has a sense of lubrication, it is non-toxic; On the contrary, it is toxic.

     Beating method: the bag is suspended in the air, beat hard, if it can make a crisp sound, indicating that the bag is non-toxic; Otherwise, it is toxic.

     Fire method: the bag can be cut off a corner, lit, if it is easy to burn is non-toxic; Otherwise, it is toxic.
Clever use of the above mentioned points and methods can help you choose the right food packaging bag in life.

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