What is the difference between aluminized bag and aluminum foil bag


Aluminized bags can also be called moisture-proof bags, aluminized bags have anti-static, anti-magnetic field interference and moisture-proof effects, although aluminized bags will have some light through, but also can play a certain role in avoiding light, more suitable for the packaging of electronic industry products.


How to distinguish the difference between aluminum plated bag and aluminum foil bag?


Aluminized bag is through the high temperature vacuum state, the high purity metal aluminum coated on the plastic film, because it is coated, the role of metal aluminum can bring to the plastic bag is actually mainly decorative effect, which does not have much effect on improving the material barrier.


Aluminum foil bag is pure metal aluminum sheet pressed, its 0.0065MM is the thinest thickness, without other processes processed aluminum foil film with a finger gently poke will be damaged, although the aluminum foil film looks "weak", but compared with other composite materials, the effect is extremely strong, after composite, It can improve the sealing property, barrier property, fragrance preservation, concealment and other functions of plastics.


The difference in its appearance, because the brightness of the aluminum foil bag is not as bright as the aluminum plating, the reflection of the aluminum foil bag is not as good as the aluminum plating film, and the aluminum plating bag can illuminate the figure (except for the dull aluminum plating film). If you need to distinguish, you can block the mouth of the bag, look at the bag through strong light, and the transparent is the aluminized bag, and the reverse is the aluminum foil bag.


The difference in its feel is that aluminum plated bags feel lighter and softer than aluminum foil bags.


Folding, aluminum foil bags are prone to dead pleats and dead marks after folding, aluminum plated bags will not appear this effect, and will rebound back soon after folding.

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