The causes and solutions of the fragile problems in the hot seal of vacuum food packaging bags


Kexin aluminum foil bag manufacturers tell you the causes and solutions of the fragile problem at the hot seal of vacuum food bags.

    1, the reason: the heat sealing pressure is too large, the heat sealing time is too long or the heat sealing temperature is too high, the edge of the heat sealing line is squeezed thin. Solution: Adjust the pressure, temperature and time to the appropriate level.

    2. Reason: poor film strength. Solution: ①, the selection of good strength film. (2) The inner film of the composite bag can be selected as a blow molded film, because the strength of the blow molded film is better than that of the cast film. (3) For the composite bag used for cooking, the thickness of the inner film should not be less than 0.07mm.

    3, the reason: the heat sealing line is not stressed when it is cooled. Solution: Avoid stretching or thinning the heat seal line.

    4. Reason: The heat sealing temperature is too low. Solution: ①, increase the heat sealing temperature. ②, increase the heat sealing time.      5. Reason: The heat sealing pressure is too low. Solution: Increase the heat seal pressure.
Packaging bag knowledge: The composition and properties and uses of commonly used food packaging bag composite packaging materials are as follows
Meter dim sum: moisture resistance, oil resistance, cold resistance, bag breaking resistance; Composite membrane examples: KPT/PE, OPP/CPP, OPP/PE. (Food foil bag)
Instant noodles: moisture resistance, oxygen resistance, mechanical packaging adaptability, insect resistance, fragrance protection; (High temperature cooking bag)
PT/PE fast food: gas barrier, anti-corrosion;
KPT/OPP, PVDC/OPP, KPT/PE/BOPP juice powder: moisture resistance and antioxidant properties are required;
PRT/PE, KPT/PE, PET/AL/PE, PET/PVDC/PE bean paste: requires mildew resistance, gas barrier, heat resistant water sterilization; Examples of composite films: ON/PVDC/PE, ONY/EVAL/PE sauce dishes: requirements for vacuum degassing, pinhole resistance, anti-static;
OPP/PE, PET/PE laundry detergent bag: moisture resistance, oxygen resistance;
PVDC cellophane /AL/PE ham, sausage: gas barrier, moisture resistance, vacuum gas filling snack bag;
PVDC cellophane /PEPET/PE, PVDC/PET/PE, PVDC/PP/PE tea vacuum bag: moisture resistance, light shading, gas barrier, fragrance protection, pinhole resistance;
OPP/AL/PE, PET/PE/ paper /AL/PE condiments: requirements of gas resistance, fragrance protection, oil resistance;
NY/PE, PVDC/PET/PE frozen food bags: low temperature sealing, oil resistance;
PA/PE, PET/PE, NY/PE steam sterilization food: long-term preservation, heat resistance 125℃;

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