Analysis of aluminum foil printing quality of pharmaceutical packaging


   The surface printing quality of aluminum foil for pharmaceutical packaging has a great relationship with the setting of process parameters in production.
    We need to set the appropriate speed and tension according to the characteristics of the original aluminum foil, and too fast printing speed will affect the degree of drying of the ink. Too large tension is easy to fracture the substrate, and too small tension is easy to wrinkle, which affects the quality of winding.
   The temperature of printing should also be strictly controlled. The temperature is too high, the ink layer is easy to expand, the surface layer is dry, and the inner layer is not dry, and the adhesion between the layers will be caused by winding. The temperature is too low, the air volume is insufficient, resulting in poor drying, resulting in the second color discoloration.
    The most important thing in the production process is the adjustment of the ink scraper. A good transfer of printing ink can be achieved by strictly adjusting the Angle and pressure between the scraper and the plate roller. The pressure is too large, will make the ink extrusion; If the pressure is too small, the excess ink on the plate roller cannot be scraped clean. The ink scraper will wear out after a period of time, so the Angle of the ink scraper should be adjusted from time to time, and the ink scraper should be replaced regularly as required to ensure the normal operation of printing production.
     In addition, the inspector of the printing production process must monitor the production site, timely extract the printing sample of aluminum foil (the sample can not be less than two patterns), detect all aspects of quality under the light, compare the color and text pattern with the sample, and timely adjust the process when finding problems. Then establish a process file, record the color of the ink used, leave a printing sample and the temperature and humidity of the production environment, etc., for the next production reference or technical research and use of aluminum foil printing for pharmaceutical packaging.
    Enterprises engaged in the production of aluminum foil printing for pharmaceutical packaging, as long as they can strictly monitor the production in accordance with the above aspects, the printing quality of the products will certainly be further improved, but also increase the competitiveness of enterprises in the market.

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